Killing Rats With Coke

There are a lot of methods to kill rats to get rid of them, but these methods are still less than the number of rats present at unnecessary places. Although the rat killing poisons or rat traps sold in the markets are seemed to be more affected in getting rid of the rats or mice. But sometimes, the situation arises when you are not able to go to the market and buy such products, or in times you may not be in the position to afford them to get your problem of rats' presence solved. In such circumstances, the homemade remedies that are cheaper than those of value-added products from the market could be used. Along with being less costly they might be easily available to you. Several home remedies are being followed by various people. Any many of them turn out producing good results and few might fail to solve your problem.

Let's have a look if killing rats with the coke is a good option or not;

Why coke can be used as a rat killing product

Any soft drink, such as Coke or Pepsi that contains carbonated water in it can be used to kill rats. But here the question that arises is, why it could be used to do so? The answer to this question explains that the carbonated water when enters the rats' stomach, it causes a reaction to occur between the carbonated waters and the gasses present in rats' stomach. This reaction turns out to produce carbon dioxide gas in the stomach of the rat. So, as it is a scientifically proved fact that rats are unable to pass the gas, so this carbon dioxide gas gathers inside the rat and because it is unable to exhale gas. This excessive gas cause a poisonous damage to the internal system of rat due to which it dies.

How to use coke for killing rats:

To kill rats with coke all you have to do is follow below-mentioned steps;

  • Try to have a new or sealed coke with you, so that the carbonated water in it would be highly activated as compared to that of a used bottle of coke.
  • Pour a good quantity of coke in any utensil through which it would be easy for the rat to drink coke.
  • The sweetness and the odor of the coke will attract the rat to drink it, and when this coke will enter into the rats' body it will begin the above-mentioned process.

It might take 1-3 days for a rat to die after drinking coke. Try to make sure that rat drinks a good quantity of coke and try to make it drink this coke more than one time as it will produce more effective results.


Coke could be used to kill rats and it has been using by many people. But this method of killing rats is not certified to produce positive results every time. If you can go with some other method, so the coke should not be opted to kill the rat. But in such situations when nothing else is available to you, the coke would be a good option other than staying in trouble with rats' presence.

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